About Us

About Us

NDT INSPECTION LIMITED is a professional quality organization Registered 2020 in Tanzania.

 NDT services, Nondestructive testing, Failure analysis, Corrosion test, Replica Metallographic, Heat treatment and Analytic services. We serve and support industries/companies related to construction, Fabrication, oil & Gas, petrochemical & offshore, onshore marine pipe line. Inspection Technique is managed by a team of qualified experts

with more than two decades of experience working for handling various major development projects in the India & Tanzania. With our commitment to Quality and our team of diverse, skilled, experienced technicians and inspectors, Inspection Technique has the capacity to provide timely and efficient services to the customers, complying with the quality environmental, occupational health and safety managements.

Mr. Shatrughan Mahto

Diploma In Mechanical Engineering


An innovative, diligent, and resourceful professional with nearly a decade of experience in welding & NDT inspection activity,

and handling site operations. Proficient in looking after the matters pertaining to QA/QC activities.

Highly adept in inspecting the final processes and supervising the samples considered in the process of testing.

Possesses in-depth understanding of various codes viz., API-1104, API 650, 651, 652, 653, ASME-V, VIII, IX, ASNI-B-31.1, B31.3,

ISO 9606, ISO 17636, ISO 15614 Capable of managing the intricate aspects of manpower management and showcases excellent communication skills.


NDT INSPECTION LIMITED is dedicated to provide our customers with the most technically reliable and quality assured testing and inspection services. Our commitment is supported by diversified services, current technology, technical expertise, qualified facility & efficient customer services, to enhance continued growth at the most economic rate, holding on to the local regulation with regard to Environmental Health & Safety aspects, to achieve a safe community.


To become the most preferred, one stop solution for Inspection, Analytical and testing services in all major fields under one roof with versatile quality systems by providing the best assistance and services to our valuable customers


01 Weld Visual Inspection by certified CSWIP 3.1 welding Inspector
02 Welder qualification and Recertification services
03 In service & out of service Tank inspection by certified API 653 Inspector
04 Piping inspection with certified API 570 inspector
05 Radiography Testing Services for plant & pipeline
06 Ultrasonic flow detector ( for weld casting & foreign Material)
07 Ultrasonic Thickness test ( Tanks Pipeline )
08 Magnetic Particle Testing. ( for weld casting & foreign Material)
09 Dye Penetrate Testing. ( for weld casting & foreign Material)
10 Post weld Heat treatment ( local heat treatment & oil firing)
11 Hardness Test
12 Positive Material Identification PMI
13 Eddy Current test services
14 Baroscopic test services
15 Automated Ultrasonic Test for cross country pipeline
16 Phase array / TOFD ultrasonic Testing Services
17 Tank calibration services 18 Meter calibration services
19 Pressure Testing Services

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